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Saturday, July 17, 2010

signs, signs, signs

Kate here.
One week and counting.
Today is July 17th - our original wedding date AND my friend Jills birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL!!!

Last night Scott and I made almost all of the ceremony and reception signs and had a lot of fun doing it (honest).  What I have learned is that Scott is WAY better at cutting in a straight line than I am.  I can draw them ,just cannot cut them.
Here are some signs that inspired our own homemade designs:
That is one that I kept finding online over and over again and I think it is hilarious.

This one is for my dad…

In all seriousness, making the signs was a lot of fun.  Hopefully they'll survive this week of moving around from NY to Tolland to Lakeville, but my good karma should kick in, right?!

Scott and I also made our wedding programs, which we are very happy with with one exception I suppose, and that is that the printer cut off part of one sentence on the back so I had to hand write in "At the" but there was NO WAY I was wasting all that paper and color ink and reprinting.  Besides, I would have had to reformat everything and we are a-okay with how it turned out.  Who really keeps their programs anyway (maybe the parents and the bride and groom, [and Kate because she's super sentimental], right?).

There are a handful of other errands to run the few days before the wedding, per usual I am guessing, bottles of water, flowers, snacks, and so on and so forth.   There's a final fitting too and then picking up the dress before heading to Lakeville.  Oh - and the marriage license.
Nothing to go crazy about.  Hopefully everyone will be relaxed and having fun.
Oh! Did you check the weather?!  Morning rain on the 24th.  Oh well.  Bring those umbrellas!! I know I will.

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